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The Role of Literary Art in the Face of the Covid Plague

The first programme of this year's “Sanniwedana Kathikawatha”, organized by the Press Council of Sri Lanka with the aim of promoting literary art, entertainment and promoting a good media culture, was held on 03 February 2020 at the Press Council Auditorium. Arrangements have been made to conduct the program using Zoom technology as public gatherings should be minimized in the face of the covid-19 epidemic spreading in the island

“The Role of Literary Art in the Face of the Covid Plague” was the theme of the discussion, which was attended by veteran writer Chaminda Welagedara and moderated by journalist Gamini Kandepola.

Those interested in the program also had the opportunity to participate through Zoom Technology. The conversation, which lasted nearly two hours, ended with the hope of meeting again in two weeks.

The Press Council of Sri Lanka would like to thank all those who participated in this Zoom Communication Dialogue.

Expert Discussion on "The Role of Literary Art and the Future in the Face of the Covid Epidemic in Sri Lankan Society" the first phase of the communication dialogue, was held with the participation of Mr. Niroshana Thambawita, Press Commissioner of Sri Lanka, Mr. Gamini Kandepola, Journalist, Mr. Chaminda Welagedara, Writer and Critic, and many others. We intend to present a review of the discourse that took place at that time, rationally oscillating the way society thought and practiced the future of art and the fate of role in the face of the Covid plague.

Existences in the mind of the composer influence the essence of a work of art. There are people in our society who really took advantage of the time in this confusing situation, creating the freedom needed for a designer to develop this status quo. Taking advantage of this time period, it is better to be able to see how they are creating the background needed to create unprecedented artwork.

Art developed with the social movement. Sometimes the subject of emerging art is man and their oppression and confusion. The person who has lived a busy life today has expanded the space of creation by seeing himself through loneliness. This neurological condition is caused for the good of the person and not the bad. Some of those involved in the discussion were of the opinion that these factors were the basis for the creation of literary works such as Russian, Indian, and French etc.

A space has now been created where they can direct their thoughts with unlimited freedom. That is why they interpret this period as a period in which greater scope has been created for the creation of works with greater imagination and greater literary taste. Many have used this time as an opportunity to re-create new works of art by re-evoking thoughts and feelings that have been suppressed in the past.

They believe that this period can be used to present their experiences, thoughts, feelings as well as various scientific facts to the readers in a very interesting way as well as to offer fresh experiences to the reader.

Some who participated in the discussion said that the artist should take this as a good opportunity to make a social intervention to bring the reader's enjoyment to a new experience and that the artist should make the most of this period without waiting for the world to be opened by the Covid epidemic.

Another consequence of this is that with a corona epidemic, artists have to be confined to their homes, freeing up space and space to deal with their occupants instead of the usual daily life. Some said that humans now have a better chance of realizing how many things have been left out of their lives by being away from home for so long because of the virus, and that it is fair to interpret this period as the greatest experience we have ever had in life.

We have faced various epidemics before but have never had such a difficult experience. The majority of those involved in the discussion were of the opinion that this period had changed and changed many aspects of our human life, on the one hand, despite previous epidemics in various parts of the world and in our own country.

Man had to submit to nature. If it is interpreted in another way, it is correct to say that nature has subdued us. Some of the artists said that they made the most of this time to take some of the artist's unspoken ideas to the masses and will continue to create.

Many were of the opinion that they could also see an opportunity to make successful creations that could have a powerful impact on the individual consciousness based on an ideology they had missed.

This scholarly discussion demonstrated the extent to which the artist's strong commitment contributes to the success of a work. Some point to this period as a brief respite given to the artist to manipulate the trapped emotional intellect in a timely manner.

As a country in a world that has faced a new challenge, we can see how people are adapting to this period, giving a new dimension to art. It is a good trend to be able to have an expert conversation in the first place with a group, not just a discussion in very small clusters.