News Paper Registrations

Registration of Newspaper had become a prime objective of the Press Council with its inception in 1973. Since, a proper state institution for registration of newspapers , did not exist, ensuring the safeguard of character of Sri Lanka Press in accordance with the highest professional standards and discouraging absence publications had been occurred with the commencement of registration of newspapers. Further more as per Section 25 and 26 of Law No: 5 of 1973 the Editor and proprietor of the newspaper should register themselves with the Press Council.

The Following details should submit for registration of newspapers

  1. Application should be obtained from the Sri Lanka Press Council.
  2. Should be annexed a copy of the Identify card, Certificate ( to proof of residence ) issued by the Grama Niladhari of proprietor, Publisher, Editor or Printer of the newspaper Magazine to the application.
  3. With the above documents 3 issue of newspaper/Magazine should be submitted in order to decide by the Board of Director whether the newspaper /Magazine is in a suitable position to be registered after that it will be registered with the Sri Lanka Press Council.

Registration free for Newspaper / Magazine

Daily Newspaper                                                               -           5000

Weekly Newspaper                                                           -           3000

Monthly /Bi-Monthly others Newspaper/Magazine       -           2000

Where the application for renewal of registration is made after 31st March of any year, a sum of Rs.500/- shall be paid in respect of every month as a late registration fee.

downloadApplication for registration of the name of the proprietor of a newspaper for the year